Q: Any chance you could take a picture of all your nail polishes? I am exceptionately curious!

This was nearly a year ago so I have more now but it should give you an idea :)

These Are My Confessions: Stash Post

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For everyone that’s ever asked about my stamper…

Viva La Nails are running an offer this week where you can get 20% off all Konad Equipment. They sell the genuine Konad stamper and scraper kit which is the one I use, for just £3. Or £2.40 with the offer! They also sell the plates and special polish for stamping.

Just enter the code KONAD20 at the checkout to get 20% off all the Konad items in your basket.

Click here to go to their Konad page

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Q: followback your instagramers!

Sheesh, gimme a sec. I only just got here.

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Q: are those your real nails?

Yes. I grew them myself.

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Q: Hi! I love your blog :) I'm kinda new to the whole jelly sandwhich fad, and i was wondering, what would recommend as the best way to tell if a polish is a jelly?

I would test it by applying one coat to my nail. If it spreads evenly, dries without splotches and is kinda see through, then it’s a jelly.

If, after just one coat, the polish looks kind of splotchy and like it needs more coats - it’s just a sheer polish, not a true jelly and probably isn’t ideal for using in your jelly sandwiches.

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Q: What did you use for the diamond on your jubilee nails? and where can i get it?

I used ‘Nail Glitter’ which is from Born Pretty Store and is a steal at $2.38 a pot here. I’ve been calling it ‘Glequins’ because the pieces are too big to be glitter but too small to be sequins!

You can see it clearer on the accent nail in my Disco manicure here.
For the diamond, I applied the glequins in the diamond shape, used a few top coats to make the surface smooth and then painted on the details before adding another top coat!

P.S. If you make an order at Born Pretty, use my code (SA5X31) at the checkout to get 10 % off!  

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Q: Hi! I'm looking into buying brushes for my nail art, and am currently leaning towards just going to AC Moore and picking up some regular, small tipped brushes there. Is there a real difference between nail art brushes and paint brushes?

Not really! I use a mixture of ‘nail art brushes’ and paint brushes in my nail art. At the end of the day, it’s a stick with some bristles sticking out of the end whatever name you put on it.

However I will say that I’ve never found a brush in a craft store that was small enough to do any detailed nail art with. I like the ‘striper’ nail art brushes (the long thin ones) and I’ve never seen anything similar in stores.

Also, you can get nail art brushes in packs of up to 15 brushes(!) for a few $ online whereas proper paintbrushes can cost that much for one. 

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Q: What tools/equipment do you use for creating your nail designs? xx

Woah, that’s a big question!

I guess the main thing is brushes and I wrote a post about the ones I use and where you can buy them here.
I also use dotting tools, stamping plates, sponges, tooth picks and anything else I can think of that might come in handy.

I don’t know if you’re all aware, but you can click on any picture on my Tumblr and it will take you to the blog post at thenailasaurus.com relating to that nail art. There, you’ll find all the information about which polishes, tools and techniques I used. In dashboard, just click the source link underneath the picture. 


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Q: How do you get the two different colors to fade into each other?

Tutorial here :)

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