Strolling down memory lane and reblogging all my old (non nail related) pictures.
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The Lacquer Legion's March theme is… LUCKY!
Say the word “luck” in March and visions of leprechauns and shamrocks may dance in your head. But being lucky can be so much more! This month, use your mani to represent your version of LUCKY. Be inspired by your trusted lucky charm, an amazing lucky break, an awesome lucky find or even someone you are lucky to know. Anything goes!
Please share your good fortune with the rest of us! Post your manicures on March 28th using the hashtag #LLlucky. 
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The Nailasaurus: Curtain Call
One of my new favourites… Models Own Amethyst from the Velvet Goth collection | Found in Boots for £2.50, woop! | I can’t quite figure out what nail art would work with this, maybe some stamping or striping patterns? | #officialnailasaurus #nailpolish #modelsown